On the Road Again

After the crucifixion, burial, and now a missing body a strange sort of formality sets in.  We know how it is--throats clearing when the grieving one steps into the room, ties straightened. What to do...what to say?  But the world does not let things stay formal very long.  Life moves on.  And so it did for the closest followers of Jesus in those hours following the reports of an empty tomb.  For two of them, they decided that afternoon to head out--back on the road again. To Emmaus--nowhere, in particular. But away--away from the pain, sorrow, disappointment. Wondering now what to make of it all.  And the resurrected Jesus joined them...walked with them...they talked, visited about all the teachings, and all the recent happenings. And then their eyes were opened as they broke bread together, and their hearts were warmed by his presence and words.